Do you want to learn to play the violin, or the piano? 

Want to train your ear, your sense of rhythm, maybe learn harmony so you compose your own songs?

Or are you a experienced violinist looking for inspiration outside of the usual, maybe by learning to play without a shoulder rest, or exploring the romantic style of the early 20th century, or preparing yourself for an audition? Use this lockdown to learn new skills and inspire yourself, who knows, maybe those skills can be applied to other areas of life...or at least give you joy and comfort, and keep you off the streets!


We can find a regularity of lessons that suits your needs, for example, do you (or your kids) need supervised practicing? The I suggest we try my method of learning one thing a week and working on it in (daily) sessions of for example 10 minutes. I have seen some great results with this technique, not only with younger students! Or do you prefer to have a lot of information in one go and then work it out for a few weeks for yourselves? And then maybe just exchange a few short videos in between to clarify any doubts? 


I’ll find and tailor a learning strategy that suits you best, 1st lesson is free. 


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