I this little corner I'd like to make some space to have a little talk about the violin as I see it. Since early in my musical development I've been in awe of the great violinists of the golden age, and trying to learn from them has been a major focus in my life. coincidentally, several of my fellow students from the conservatory days have even gone to earn PHDs in search for the secret key to the  musicianship of the old masters. 

I must confess that at times I've felt that even though the level of the musicians playing today is so enormously high and admirable, we had somehow lost the ability to do the "magic" I heard in the old recordings. 

These days I'm more positive about the whole journey, and even though I feel im merely at the beginning of a long road of discovery, I'd still have some core concepts, as well as pieces which may not yet have been fully integrated into a larger understanding that still deserved to be shared and discussed with the community. 

my way through all of this has been often lateral or chaotic, and for better or worse, I like to connect and think about the various ways in which even the most mundane technical aspect reflects life in general. So there will be a lot of amateur dabbing at philosophy, physics,  history, psychology, cooking, football.


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